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From: "Friends of the Forest, Donadea"

To: Kildare, Ireland, World. 

Thank you so much to everybody who registered their "Heartfelt" petition of support. The threat of sale of the Donadea Forest has passed for the time being. So we can all continue walking, running, exploring & relaxing in the beautiful and accessible forest we love.

Donadea Forest Park

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What some of you said...

The value to the local community and beyond is immeasurable.  This resource should not be touched.

Woodlands provide so much educational resource to children, and the 9/11 memorial is truly moving.

We meet friends here regularly and would really miss this facility.

Donadea is a national treasure it would be devastating if they sold such a beautiful place.

Ireland's natural beauty must be preserved, and though times are difficult, hopefully other means can be found to help the economy then to place the land that has inspired poets and songwriters for centuries at risk. So many first responders are sons and daughters of Ireland, and the beautiful, heartfelt 9/11 memorial lovingly demostrates the special link between Ireland and America.
We need all our forests...  Please keet this amenity as its the only thing in the local community which is used in so many different ways.

What a disgrace if this fabulous ammenity is sold off to eventualy be a golf course. We have being going here since my daughter was a toddler and we still visit she is now 17.

Donadea is such a great natural amenity in the area. It is truely beautiful. I would hate to see it sold for many reasons but mainly as my grandfather worked there for many years and since he has passed on I feel very close to him here. 

If it was not for Donadea Forest & Donadea Running Club, I would not have met my wife.  It is a magical place!

Visited Donadea Forest Park for the first time and enjoyed the walks.  It is fabulous public amenity and should be kept that way. There are few public forest parks and public areas to walk in the midlands area and people need this kind of facility to enjoy especially as there is less money about. Keep it open to the public.